Food ranking
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Frequently Asked Questions

What data source is used for rankings?

All data for the rankings are taken from the USDA National Nutrient Database, Release 28.

Why don’t the rankings on vitamins and dietary minerals contain some nutrients, such as iodine and biotin?

The rankings do not include nutrients, if the database has no data on these nutrients for most products. If there is enough data on them, the rating will be revised.

Why doesn’t the ranking on vitamins contain choline?

Choline is actually not a vitamin. Choline can be biosynthesized in a human body, but there are circumstances in which that synthesis may be insufficient for the optimal physiologic functions, making it conditionally essential.

How are products selected in the rankings?

The product must meet the following criteria:

  • All products in the rankings are presented in a ready to use form (i.e., the amount of nutrients per 100 g of consumed food is counted/compared);
  • The rankings include mainly fresh or boiled (if not consumed fresh) products. This is necessary for a more correct comparison of products, because the same product can be prepared in different ways. The ranking can also include a fried product or product prepared in another way, provided that there is no data on the fresh or boiled product;
  • Unenriched products without adding condiments, sauces, salt and other additives are selected for the ratings;